Why our Political System is No Longer Fit For Purpose:

    • It is too centralised

    • Serves political parties before people

    • Stifles talent, local leadership innovation and new thinking

    • Is unresponsive to the needs of local communities

    • Operates an unfair, inefficient voting system

    • Promotes short-termism

    • Is incapable of planning for the long  term

    • Allows a tiny minority of party members to determine the choices of the majority

    • Unable to protect what we hold  most dear – in other words ‘the sacred’ – however we define that

But no political party is willing or able to address these systemic problems. Becoming more left or right wing will not change this. It is time for responsible citizens with independent views to take a lead.

We Propose Three Practical Solutions:

  1. Primary selection of candidates where voters NOT parties choose the best independent candidate

  2. Taking party interests out of politics by promoting independent candidates who are not subject to the official line of any political party but whose first priority is to policies that serve families, communities and local enterprise

  3. An ethical alliance of local independent candidates who share a commitment to Civil Society values through a charter for ethical behaviour in the public domain

Who We Are:

We Are Non-party:   

  • Independents for Interdependence

  • Traditionalists  For A Big Society

  • Democrats For Responsibilities As Well As Rights

  • Environmentalists Not Obsessed by Egalitarian Conformity

  • For Social Justice and Real Decentralisation of Power

  • Optimists who are proud of Britain, its values, and confident of a positive future in or out of Europe

Civil Society Alliance Is Not A Political Party

We are an alliance of independent citizens and candidates united by a vision of a new kind of politics free of dogma or party interests and committed to values of fairness, respect, reciprocity and responsibility.

  • Each independent locally selected candidate will be subject to a primary of all voters.

  • Once selected independent candidates will be completely free to select policies both local and national that they think best serve their local electorate.

  • All Civil Society Alliance members will have an opportunity to democratically co-create a menu of policies which candidates will be completely free to choose from – OR NOT – according to the needs of their constituents.

  • Having representatives in Parliament to represent families, communiites and small business rather than the interests of the powerful will rebalance our democracy